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New Zealand has a lot of problems when it comes to being online, because the island nation is so distant from the rest of the world, and is small compared to most other countries. This is particularly problematic for New Zealand’s growing online gaming community and they frequently experience problems of lag, lack of access and high ping. Resolving these issues can be achieved by choosing to get a Taiwanese IP address in New Zealand.

Taiwan CosplayTaiwan is one of the locations in the world that has a substantial gaming community, and many servers are hosted in this region as well as games developed specifically for the Asian population. Because New Zealand is so far away geographically from Taiwan, connecting to a Taiwanese gaming server can be difficult, if not impossible.

The large distance between New Zealand and Taiwan means that the connection between the two frequently times out, or there is severe lag when you are playing a game. Many times, this can get so bad that playing is not manageable.

Getting around this can be done by artificially changing the distance between you and the gaming server. A VPN provides you with the ability to do this. This is achieved because you connect to a VPN server that is physically within Taiwan. The rate-determining factor then becomes the distance between the VPN server and the gaming server, rather than between you and the gaming server. This dramatically increases your speed for online gaming.

Server access is another reason why altering your IP address may be important. Many games have servers throughout the world, based near major populations of players. Often, you will only be allowed to access servers that are close to you. However, this might not be what you want.

For example, if you are a Taiwanese student living in New Zealand, you may want to be able to access the same gaming server that you were using at home. Alternatively, you might have a friend in Taiwan who plays on the Taiwanese servers, and you want to join in.

By using a VPN, you can do just that. The server that you are connected to masks your IP address, and makes it seems like you are located where it is, in Taiwan. Websites cannot tell the difference, so as long as you have managed to get a Taiwanese IP address in New Zealand, you will have the same level of content access that a person from Taiwan would.



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