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For many people, browsing the internet is a regular activity and it has a lot of benefits, such as allowing you to access a wide range of information, and communicate with people all around the world. However, even living in France there are some issues with internet censorship that are undesirable. Security can also be a problem, and this makes trying to get a Swiss IP address in France very desirable.

Keyboard LockupInternet restrictions in France are currently not well known, and their implications are not as significant in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, France does possess a developing blacklist, which restricts sites that are believed to be linked to racism or terrorism. Because the information about what is on the blacklist is not public knowledge, it is difficult for anyone to know how extensive it actually is.

Getting around internet censorship is surprisingly simple because censorship is achieved by using your IP address as a location tag. Whenever you are online, your IP address acts as a way for people to tell your location. This is important for censorship, because the system only works when they know that you are living in that country.

Your IP address is also relevant for other things. For example, IP tracking is becoming more prevalent, and websites are able to record your internet activity, using this to provide targeted advertising. While this isn’t scary in itself, the problem is that no one really knows what is done with this information, or what will be done.

SecuritySo, to be subject to France’s censorship, you have to be living in France. The brilliant thing about IP addresses and VPNs is that it is possible to change where you appear to be, without changing where you actually are. What you do is use the VPN to hide your own IP address with its one. This means that suddenly you no longer appear to be in France.

If you choose to use a VPN to get a Swiss IP address in France your internet access abilities change from being based of French rules to Swiss ones. As I’ve mentioned before, this is important to get around censorship, but it also has other advantages.

Using an IP address from another country gives you increased security, because what you do online isn’t visible by your internet service provider any longer. Furthermore, while your service provider will often record aspects of what you do online, a VPN provide generally does not.


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