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Using the internet in Afghanistan can be frustrating if you are one of the small proportion of people who have online access. Freedom on the internet is also very limited, especially for some particular topics. An alternative approach is to get a Swiss IP address in Afghanistan. This can really change the way that you use the internet and what you can do when you are online.

Internet Censorship

One of the issues with using the internet from Afghanistan is bans on certain content categories, including websites that are considered to be immoral. It makes it very difficult for people who are interested in blogging or putting content out online, because they have to be careful about posting things which are objectionable.


Online privacy is a very important thing, and something that can be achieved through the use of a VPN. A VPN lets you use the internet in a more secure manner than traditional approaches to the internet. There are a number of ways that it does this. Firstly, a VPN uses a method of tunneling, which makes it difficult for anyone to intercept the information. This is also achieved through encryption, which means if anyone does get a hold of your data, they can’t actually do anything with it.

The second aspect is that when you are using a VPN what you are doing online is not evident to your internet service provider. This means that it is very difficult for anyone to obtain information about what you are doing online. Many VPN providers do not even keep records on your online activities or who their clients are.

Choose A New Online Identity


Finally, using a VPN also lets you choose a new online identity. Normally when you are online your IP address provides websites with information about your physical location. This is what makes you susceptible to internet censorship in the first place. If you can change what country you appear to be in, then how susceptible to internet censorship is also changes.

If you get a Swiss IP address in Afghanistan then your location changes from appearing to be in Afghanistan to appearing to be Switzerland. Having an IP address from another country makes it much easier to post things online, and means you don’t have to worry about censorship. In addition, the benefit to using a Swiss IP address in particular is that you are protected by strong laws on privacy, which make it much safer for you to use the internet.


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