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Get a Swedish IP address

Get a Swedish IP address

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Hidemyass Swedish IP Address

Hide My Ass

HMA offers probably the most comprehensive package, and you’ll not only get access to Swedish VPN servers, but also to 45 52 59 other countries including The US and The UK.

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PureVPN IP Address

You’ll get free switching between 14 countries and options for dedicated or SSTP servers which you won’t find in many other places.  Not so much different from HMA, but they do offer live support and their customer support is much better.

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SwitchVPN IP AddressA lesser known service, they’ve recently upped their game and I think I’ll start featuring them on the site more often.  They have a super cheap plan for three to five dollars a month depending on how long you sign up for and which server location you choose. See the main site for details.

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StrongVPN IP AddressIf you’re going to be conducting business or some type of money transactions, StrongVPN is not only a trusted VPN service, but I can confer that their VPN servers are mega-fast.   Be sure to choose a plan with VPN servers in Sweden because not all plans include it. These will be very expensive compare to other services, but quality is guaranteed, or your money back.

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Update 2013: 



00 ipvanish1This VPN service added servers in Sweden this year, as well as about 0ther countries to their list of available VPN servers. It’s definitely one of the larger services, and has got a lot of press from various VPN review websites. They have a user friendly VPN client, fast support, and strict privacy policies.

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Swedish expatriates who have to leave their homeland for some reason or the other need to get a Swedish IP address if they want to access the local websites of their home country from the country that they are currently living in.


swedish IP addressThe reason for this is that some local Swedish websites are accessible only by the residents of Sweden – those with a Swedish IP on their computer/phone.

So, if a person is to access any of these Swedish-IP only websites he will either have to ‘borrow’ a Swedish IP address or he will have to go back to Sweden.


Now getting an IP address of a different country can be accomplished easily with the use of a VPN. A VPN is a kind of software that has the ability to hide the real IP address of a user by giving him an IP address of a foreign country.

The VPN does this by connecting the user through a ‘VPN tunnel’ to one of its servers present in a country other than the actual country of the user from where he is accessing the internet.

This way the real IP address and the real location of the user is never revealed to any website and the IP address of the foreign country where the VPN is becomes the IP address of the user on the network.
Sweden VPN

So, a person can acquire a Swedish IP address if he can connect himself to a VPN server in Sweden. After having acquired a Swedish IP address the user will become able to access any regional or local website of Sweden which was inaccessible for him earlier.


By having this Swedish IP address he will also be able to comment on all the community forums as a Swedish resident even when he is not actually living in Sweden.

Moreover, the loading time of the Swedish websites in a foreign country will also reduce by a considerable amount when they will be accessed by a Swedish IP address. This is especially useful for streaming sports or other live TV programs from Sweden.


In addition to providing access to restricted regional or local websites of Sweden a Swedish VPN can also be used to overcome internet censorship in countries like China and Iran. Thus, if a person wants to access any restricted Swedish website or any other banned website in China or Iran then he must look for a Swedish VPN that can get a Swedish IP address for him/her.