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Get a Spanish IP address

Get a Spanish IP address

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The local websites of Spain are not accessible without a Spanish IP address. This means that only a person residing in Spain will be able to access these websites.

A person living outside Spain would not be able to access the local Spanish websites unless he gets a Spanish IP address on his/her smartphone or computer.

SpainThere are two methods that can be used to get a Spanish IP address; the first one is the use of a proxy and the second one is the use of a VPN. The use of both these internet utilities can gain a person the Spanish IP required for accessing the Spanish IP-only websites outside Spain.

The use of a proxy is the easiest method of getting an IP address of a different country. A proxy simply masks the original IP address of a user and replaces it with a different IP address. Even though a proxy is very simple to use and can get a person a Spanish IP address too, it is not very reliable therefore, the use of a VPN is recommended by most of the internet experts.


VPNs are much safer to use than the proxies and are much more reliable as well. VPNs use ‘VPN tunneling’ and ‘data encryption‘ which makes it the safest and most private means of surfing the web.  Businesses, institutions, and Facebook fans in China use them too.
Spain VPN

By using a VPN a person can acquire a Spanish IP address with ease and can get access to any restricted local Spanish website. In addition to this the Spanish sports streaming websites and online gaming websites which do not allow people of other countries to access them can also be made accessible.

By having a Spanish IP address a person is considered a resident of Spain and is thus allowed to access any Spanish-IP only website.


Besides providing access to Spain specific websites a VPN can also provide a person access to banned and restricted websites in any country of the world. A VPN is the best way of combating internet censorship.  I mentioned China earlier, but there are many other countries like Japan, Vietnam, Iran, UAE, and others in The Middle East and Asia.


By getting the IP address of the region of his choice from a VPN a person can unblock any website in any country of the world and can bypass any firewall that has been put up to curtail his freedom on the internet. So, if a person wants to get access to restricted Spanish websites outside Spain then he must look for a Spanish VPN that can get a Spanish IP address for him.