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Get a Somali IP address

Get a Somali IP address

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somali ip address

Some websites are restricted based on IP address.  Every country has websites like these, and Somalia is no different.

The servers of these websites in Somalia monitor the IP addresses accessing them and whenever a non-Somali IP address tries to access them they block it off. Thus, if any person wants to access restricted content websites of Somalia from a foreign land he will have to get a Somali IP address.

In order to get an IP address of a country other than the one you are currently living in, you will have to make use of either a proxy server or a VPN. Both the proxies and VPNs are internet utilities that aid a person in getting an IP address of a different location.

As the VPNs are safer and much more reliable than  proxies therefore, they are preferred over them. VPNs provide their users an encrypted connection to a server present in the country chosen by the user. The IP address of this server then becomes the new IP address of the user. So, if you want to get a Somali IP address in a foreign country all you need is to find a VPN service provider having server present in Somalia.


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