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Get a Slovenian IP address

Get a Slovenian IP address

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If you are a Slovenian citizen who is living outside his homeland then you will definitely be looking for a way to get a Slovenian IP address.

The restriction on the accessibility of the local Slovenian websites means that only a person having a Slovenian IP address can access them.

SloveniaSo, any person living in a foreign country will find it impossible to access some country specific Slovenian websites unless he or she finds a way to change the original IP address of his/her computer or phone to a Slovenian IP.

A proxy can get a person the IP address of a different country but there is no guarantee that the IP address provided by the proxy will be Slovenian or not in the case of web based proxies. With open proxies, you put your personal data at the mercy of your anonymous proxy admin.


A VPN is a kind of software that can guarantee a person the provision of a Slovenian IP address, so long as there are servers in the country. VPNs have servers present in most major countries of the world and can get a person the IP address of any country he wants.

Slovenia VPNThus, for acquiring a Slovenian IP address, a VPN is a very good option to use. By getting a Slovenian IP  a person living outside Slovenia can gain access to any regional website in Slovenia with ease.  For those that are already accessible outside Slovenia, you will probably notice a faster connection speed through the Slovenian VPN server.


All the sports streaming websites which can only be accessed from Slovenia can also be made accessible by changing your IP.  Torrents are popular in this region as well, so long as your VPN provider allows them.

Moreover, a VPN is very safe and secure to use as well. The use of a number of security protocols, heavy data encryption and tunneling techniques makes VPNs the safest methods of accessing the internet.

No hacker will be able to extract any private information about a user when he is accessing the internet while using a VPN.

The decoy IP address provided by the VPN will ensure that the hacker never gets to know the real identity and original IP address of the user thus making him immune to any hack attacks.


A Slovenian VPN can prove to be of great value for a Slovenian resident too. A person living in Slovenia can make use of a VPN to acquire a IP address of a different Slovenian city. This way he will be able to hide his original IP and at the same time will be able to access any local Slovenian website anonymously. So, if a person wants to get a Slovenian IP address all he needs is to get hold of a VPN which has servers present in Slovenia.