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Get a Singaporean IP address

Get a Singaporean IP address

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Hidemyass Singaporean IP AddressHide My Ass

Though there are some censorship rules in Singapore, one thing that seems to be popular in the region is torrents or other types of media downloading.  Asia typically doesn’t regulate this type of stuff. HMA allows torrents on all servers as long as you don’t get any complains from DMCA.

Of course, you’ll get access to local sites from Singapore as well. HMA is a great choice because they cover everything you need, including PPTP for phone and OpenVPN for your computer.

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PureVPN IP AddressThese guys also have a decent range of IP addresses, spreading across 14 countries, including Singapore.  Free server switching is included, but their basic plan limits you to 30 GB per month. Not bad, but for serious downloaders or businesses it may be a hindrance ($9.95/month).  Bandwidth upgrades are available, and they even have dedicated servers ($18.00 / $15.00 per month).

Discounts for year sign ups are available, and you can save up to 37%, making their lite plan just $74.95 for a whole year.  Torrents are allowed.

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SwitchVPN IP Address


Though there are a few more limitations to server access for basic plans ($5.95/month), SwitchVPN does offer a ComboVPN package will full access to all 12 servers ($9.95/ month). Those are pretty good prices, and some users will be happy that there are monthly plans available at these prices ($6 for a single month of service is great).

Torrents are only allowed on some servers, so be sure to ask. They have live support too, though they’re not always around.

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StrongVPN IP AddressStrongVPN

I’ll include StrongVPN here because they do have servers in Singapore, but honestly, I think you’ll do better with another service. Don’t get me wrong, StrongVPN is one of the best services out there.  But for VPN servers in Singapore you pay two or three times as much as some of the other services listed here.

If you’re using your Singaporean IP address for business or banking, then you may want to consider StrongVPN. Otherwise, scroll back up.

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Most of the local websites of a country are accessible only for someone currently residing in that country. This means that these websites can’t be accessed from any other country.

The same is true for local Singaporean websites which can only be accessed by a person who is accessing the website in Singapore with a Singaporean IP address.

singaporean ip addressAll the people who are trying to access such Singaporean websites from outside Singapore will have to get a Singaporean IP address if they are to unblock these websites in their respective countries. Thus, without having a Singaporean IP address a person cannot access any regional Singaporean website.

A VPN is a kind of software that can grant a person the option of replacing his original IP address with a Singaporean IP address. The VPN does this by connecting the user with one of its servers that is present in Singapore. Since the server is present in Singapore it has a Singaporean IP address and by connecting to it the user also gets a Singaporean IP address.

Using this this VPN IP a user can gain access to any local Singaporean website anywhere in the world without encountering any difficulty. Singapore VPNA VPN is a very safe internet utility the use of which can guarantee a person absolute anonymity on the internet.

By changing the IP address of the user the VPN literally provides him a different identity on the network making it impossible for websites to trace out the real identity of the user.

The VPN ensures that the actual identity of a user on the internet (which is his original IP address) is never revealed. This way the VPN enables a person to surf the web as an anonymous user.

Other advantages of using a VPN include getting access to all the restricted regional websites of any country and insurance of privacy on the internet. So long as there is a VPN server in that country and your VPN service has access to it, you can get that country’s IP. A VPN can be configured with ease on any computing platform and has no compatibility issues with any operating system.

VPNs are considerably fast and can provide instant access to any restricted website to a user. An important thing to note while using a VPN is that the speed of a VPN increases if the VPN server whose IP address is being used by the person is located near his original location. Phones will use PPTP or L2TP and computers can use OpenVPN in addition to that.