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Get a Serbian IP address

Get a Serbian IP address

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Serbians living outside Serbia have to get a Serbian IP address if they want to access any local Serbian website from a foreign country.

This is because some local Serbian websites only allow Serbian residents to access them. Inside Serbia, you of course have a Serbian IP on your smartphone, laptop, and computer.

Serbian IP addressA person accessing the website from a foreign country will be accessing it with a foreign IP address and not a Serbian IP address and thus would not be allowed to access these sites.

Thus, a person must use a proxy or a VPN to get access to the Serbian-IP only websites as they can give a person a Serbian IP address.


A proxy can get a person a Serbian IP but it would not be able to provide sufficient internet security to the user therefore the use of a VPN is a much better option. A VPN not only provides a person the chance to acquire a local Serbian IP but also provides complete security and anonymity on the internet.

The use of many internet security protocols and data encryption makes the VPN the safest means to access the internet. This is why many of the internet experts recommend the use of VPN for surfing the internet safely.
Serbia VPN

A VPN provides a Serbian IP address to a user by connecting him to its VPN server present in Serbia though a ‘tunnel’. By connecting to this Serbian server the user gets a Serbian IP address with which he can gain access to the restricted regional websites of Serbia.


In addition to this, the Serbian IP provided by the VPN could unblock all the local software and sports/TV streaming websites that are reserved for Serbian residents only. Of course, the online gaming websites and forums of Serbia which are not accessible from foreign countries can also be made accessible by the use of a Serbian VPN. Torrents are also popular through such Eastern European IP addresses.

Besides providing access to restricted Serbian websites a VPN can also be used to unblock other regional websites as well. Facebook is not blocked in Serbia, so someone in China could unblock Facebook, YouTube, or others.


A VPN having a server in Serbia would even prove to be useful for Serbian residents. They can use it to acquire a Serbian IP address of a different Serbian city, thereby hiding their actual IP address. This way they would be able to access all the local Serbian websites without revealing their actual identity. So, if you want to access any restricted Serbia specific website then all you need is a VPN.