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Get a Russian IP address

Get a Russian IP address

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One of the main advantages of using HMA, aside from the very inexpensive price, is that you get access to 50 other nations IP addresses, no matter which package you sign up for.

Though you’ve come for a Russian IP address, you also get access to places like Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, and other surrounding countries, as well as Western European and North American countries. On top of that, HMA’s ProVPN service comes with a 30 day guarantee.

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Fast, reliable, and plans include awesome things like VyprDNS, Chameleon for users in Government restricted internet zones (China, Middle East), and recently introduced an encrypted text messaging platform. They also include free private online storage with each plan.

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PureVPN has a unique software interface with customization options that allow you to use VPN with select programs. They offer a variety of bandwidth options, business/personal options, and dedicated or dynamic IP addresses. Live support is also a bonus.

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The IP address of a person is his identity on the internet with which he is recognized by other people on the network. The IP address holds the information about the country or region from which the person is accessing the internet.

RussiaFor instance, a Russian IP address will show that the person accessing the internet is located somewhere in Russia.

This information is used by some websites to decide which people can access it and which people cannot. An example of such websites is Hulu which only allows American IP address holders to access it. In the same manner some local Russian websites also require a person to get a Russian IP address before accessing them.

For acquiring a Russian IP address a person can either use a VPN or a proxy. However, the use of a VPN is much more advisable than that of a proxy because a VPN is much more reliable and much more secure and private when compared to a proxy.

It employs several internet security protocols, extensive data encryption and tunneling techniques to ensure the privacy of a user during an internet session. A VPN is considered as the most private method for surfing the internet.

Russian VPNThe use of a VPN can get a person a Russian IP address with ease. VPN services are easily found on the internet (see below), and there’s no extra hardware needed. You can even use a VPN on your smartphone.

A VPN service may have servers present in many locations throughout the world which can supply the user of the VPN an IP address in several different countries. By selecting the VPN server  in Russia, you will be using a Russian ID to access the internet.

Moreover, a Russian VPN can also gain a person access to all the online gaming and chatting software, downloads, and media that are accessible for Russian residents only.  Torrents anyone?

Besides providing access to region specific websites a VPN also provides a person the chance to unblock websites that for some reason or the other have been blocked in a country. The VPN by providing a person a different IP address can enable him to bypass the firewall restricting him from accessing a banned website in a country.

So, if a person is looking for a way to unblock a restricted Russian website in a foreign country then he must look for a Russian VPN.