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Get a Romanian IP address

Get a Romanian IP address

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Hidemyass IP AddressHide My Ass

HMA clearly offers one of the largest VPN packages around, and by the time you read this post, they’ll have added more server locations, more servers, and more IPs. That’s just the way they roll. They offer a very comprehensive VPN package that’s hard to beat, so check out the details by clicking the link below.

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PureVPN IP AddressPureVPN

An ‘up-and-commer’ in the world of VPN, PureVPN has also recently added many servers to their list. while not as large as HMA, PureVPN offers a unique and very useful VPN software, as well as business VPN options, dedicated servers, and service in China. Click the link below for details.

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StrongVPN IP AddressStrongVPN

Also one of the largest VPN services around, they’ve currently got over 300 VPN servers in about 20 countries. They don’t offer prices as cheap as the above services for their ‘unlimited access’ packages, but they do provide you with one of the most reliable VPN services around.

Live Support is around 24/7, and there are lots of customization options that you can find on their “All VPN Servers” table.  One of the best features of their site is being able to find a VPN connection based on your current location.

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00 ipvanish1


A new addition to this list in Dec 2012, IPVanish is a fast growing VPN service provider, adding both new server locations and changing their VPN plans (including pricing) to be more user friendly and garner more support from the VPN community.

They also have a very clear NO LOGGING policy which will surely be popular among privacy advocates. Join now, and by the time your contract ends you will surely end up with a better deal than you started with. Fast customer support too!

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Expatriates of all countries especially Romania find it very hard to stream the local TV programs and movies that they were able to watch easily when they were living in their home countries. The reason for this is that streaming from local Romanian TV websites is only available for people living within Romania.

Romanian IP AddressAny person trying to stream anything from these Romania specific websites must have the IP address of Romania or he will not be allowed to even enter the website. So, in order to access the local Romanian TV websites a person would have to get a Romanian IP address.

Now, acquiring a Romanian IP address that can be accomplished either by the use of a proxy or by a VPN. Both these methods are extremely easy to use and can get a person a Romanian IP address with ease. However, a proxy is a little less reliable to use than a VPN because it lacks in providing a person safety on the internet.

On the other hand the VPN provides the maximum security to a person while he is surfing on the internet and is much more reliable to use than a proxy. This is the reason why VPNs are preferred over the proxies.

Romania VPNThe VPN changes the original IP address of a user to a Romanian IP address by connecting him to one of its servers that is placed in Romania. The user’s actual IP address is kept hidden and in its place the IP address of the Romanian server to which the user has been connected to is displayed as the IP address of the user.

This way all the websites on the internet treat the user as a Romanian resident allowing him to stream movies and TV programs from any regional Romanian TV website that is accessible only for Romanian residents.

In addition to gaining access to restricted Romanian websites a VPN can gain a person access to any restricted regional website by providing him the IP address of that country. Moreover, any website that is blocked in country can also be unblocked easily with the help of the VPN.

All a person would have to do is to access the blocked website through a different IP address and the website would become accessible for him. So, if you want to access the restricted local TV websites of Romania then all you need to do is to get a Romanian IP address from a Romanian VPN.