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Get a Portuguese IP address

Get a Portuguese IP address

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IPVanishA newer VPN service that’s been growing rapidly, both in popularity and in actual network size is IPVanish.  Though they don’t offer as many VPN server locations as HMA, if you plan to sign up for only 1 month of service, you’ll save $2 USD (each month if you pay monthly) because IPVanish is only $10 per month.

There are no discounts for year sign ups though, so long term customers looking to save some cash would be best with HMA.   Though I’ve found HMA’s servers to be faster, IPVanish has some great speed stats at other VPN review sites, so it may depend on user.

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A Portuguese citizen living outside Portugal will always find it hard to use the local sites and programs of his native country from his or her new location. The reason for this is that many of the local chat programs in Portugal do not allow people living in other countries to use their services.


The only way to use these Portugal specific chat programs is to get a Portuguese IP address as it will present the user as a Portuguese resident on the internet enabling him to access these chat programs which are reserved for people living in Portugal only.

PortugalA VPN can get a person the IP address of Portugal and of many other countries. It does so by connecting a user with one of its servers located at different locations throughout the world.

Thus, by connecting to the VPN server present in Portugal a person can acquire a Portuguese IP address with ease and can access all the local chat programs that are inaccessible for people living outside Portugal

.In addition to this a Portuguese IP address can gain a person access to all the gambling and gaming websites of Portugal that are accessible only for the residents of the country.
Besides being used for accessing restricted regional or country specific websites a VPN can also be used to access banned or restricted websites of other countries. For instance a person living in Saudi Arabia who has no access to Facebook can gain access to it by using a Portuguese VPN.

Portuguese VPNThe Portuguese IP address provided by the VPN would enable the person to unblock Facebook and any other banned website in Saudi Arabia as he would be considered a Portuguese resident by the authorities in Saudi Arabia and they would not block him from accessing the banned websites.

Another excellent attribute of a VPN is the outstanding safety features it provides to a user.

The extensive data encryption and the use of a number of internet safety protocols made by the VPN makes it the best option for preserving the privacy of a person on the internet. Moreover, by providing a person a different IP address the VPN hides the original IP address of the user making him literally invisible on the internet.