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Get a Polish IP address

Get a Polish IP address

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Hide My Ass

HMA Polish IPFor access to Polish websites and a Polish identity on the internet, you need a Polish VPN connection.  Luckily, HMA has expanded its network to tons of places around the world. They currently have servers in 45 53 55 different countries, and you get unlimited access to ALL of them with any package you choose.

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mrvpn logoIPVanish

This is a  newer VPN service that has gained some huge exposure in the last year. They have jumped less than 10 countries to over 40 in that period of time, and have garnered some excellent reviews across the board as far as speed and reliability goes. You can read more details about IP Vanish on the official review. Yes, they have servers in Poland.

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PolandThe rapid increase in the number of cyber crimes has increased the need of software that can ensure the safety of a person on the internet. A VPN is a very credible software program that can provide effective security and anonymity on the internet.

The VPN provides its users the chance to hide their IP addresses and replace them with an anonymous, or virtual IP address. By doing this the VPN ensures that the original IP address of a person is never revealed when he is surfing the web.


The IP address supplied by the VPN belongs to one of its servers – one of many that are present in different countries all around the world. This means that a person can get a Polish IP address or any other country’s IP address by using a VPN.

The security features of a VPN also include several internet safety protocols and extensive data encryption which ensures that not a single bit of private information can be traced back to the original user during an internet session.

Polish VPN

In addition to these features the use of tunneling technique makes even sure that no one is able to tap into the conversations taking place in between a user and an accessed website (or other users – P2P + chat programs). Thus, it is very much clear that the use of a VPN is the best possible solution to prevent cyber crimes.

A VPN is also used for unblocking restricted and blocked websites as well. Since a VPN provides a user a different IP address of his choice it can gain a person access to any banned or restricted website in any country of the world.


For instance if you want to access Netflix and Hulu from Poland a VPN can provide you with an American IP address allowing you to access these America specific websites. In addition to this banned websites in countries like China and Iran can also be unblocked easily with the use of a VPN.

People who find it hard to access regional or local websites of their countries from foreign lands can also make use of a VPN to access these country specific websites. By getting the IP address of the country whose regional websites you want to access, you can unblock all such websites.


This means that if you want to access restricted Polish-IP only websites all you need is to get a Polish IP address from a VPN and you will become able to access all such websites. While some sites aren’t blocked, some may be slower due to ISP policies regarding content, and moving your IP to a VPN server Poland can actually speed up your connection to some sites.