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Get a Norwegian IP address

Get a Norwegian IP address

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Currently, there is only one service two services with servers in Norway.


StrongVPN Norway


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Update May 2012:


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Hide My Ass is also offering Norwegian server locations. This service is much less expensive, and just as reliable.

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Update Dec 2012:

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People living outside Norway will always find that the local Norwegian websites that they were able to access very easily in Norway take a lot more time to load when they are accessed from other countries. The reason for this is that regional Norwegian websites only load quickly when accessed by a Norwegian IP address.

Since the person is not accessing the website from Norway his IP address is not Norwegian which is makes it difficult for to access the website as efficiently as before.

NorwayThough the internet is fast and connects us like never before, distance does matter, and routing your data through a local server can speed up your connection. Get a Norwegian IP address, and you can reduce the loading time considerably.


Now, in order to acquire a Norwegian IP address a person would either have to make use of a proxy or a VPN since both of these internet utilities are capable of masking the original IP address of a user and can supply him with a different IP address too. A proxy will allow a user to adopt the IP address of one of its servers located in Norway, thereby giving him a Norwegian IP address. However, many times a proxy is not safe to use and is not very reliable either.


Your average proxy is set up privately and opened up for use by the public.  This means you are counting on the technical skill of a private owner, as well as putting your private data in his hands.

norway VPNOn the other hand the VPN provides the user a list of IP addresses belonging to its range of servers present all around the world and allows him to pick the IP address of the server of his choice.

Moreover, the VPN is very safe too and uses various safety protocols and extensive data encryption to ensure the user’s privacy when he is using the different IP address. So, by choosing a VPN server located in Norway a person can get a Norwegian IP.


After getting a Norwegian IP address from a VPN a person would become able to access just as if he was accessing them from within Norway. This would include language settings of websites, chat programs, and social networks that are restricted to Norway.


You might know of online gaming websites, local TV programs, movies streaming/torrent sites, and even the online bank accounts that are inaccessible to a person living outside Norway.  I’m not here to tell you what you can do because you know that best.   But I can tell you where to get it.