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While the internet is often considered to be a secure environment where you can remain anonymous, often this is far from being true. In the USA, this may be a significant problem in the near future due to the development of the CISPA bill. Improving your privacy and security on the internet can be easily achieved through the decision to get a New Zealand IP address in the USA.

Big Brother USAThe CISPA bill has been making its way through the political system and has the potential to dramatically decrease the privacy of people throughout the United States. The purpose of CISPA is to allow for the sharing of information that can be used to either prevent cyber attacks from occurring or to defend from them.

However, in practice, the bill allows for a large range of loopholes within current security laws, giving the government the ability to obtain large amounts of personal information quickly. This also means that under CISPA, any private company may have the ability to monitor any communication that you make when you are online.

Whether this bill will become law is not certain, and it is also likely that there will be some changes in the language of the bill and what exactly it entails along the way. However, even if the bill does not pass into law, it provides an indication of future approaches that the government may take and the lack of focus on the security and privacy of individuals.

Like many bills that attempt to monitor the internet, CISPA is far from perfect. One of the limitations of the bill is that it relies on the information from your internet service provider to determine your online activity. The thing is, you can cut the internet service provider out of the loop altogether, and then there is no need to worry about the government or companies obtaining your information.

VPN Digital TunnelA VPN allows you to do this. It hides your internet traffic by using tunneling protocols and by acting as an intermediate between you and websites. You connect to a VPN server that is in a different part of the world which you choose.

One suggestion is to use the VPN to get a New Zealand IP address in the USA. New Zealand does not have prevalent internet censorship and also does not have any laws like CISPA. This means that you won’t have a problem with your data being intercepted.


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