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Get a Moroccan IP address

Get a Moroccan IP address

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Video: How to Use a VPN to Get an IP from Morocco



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IAPS Security Store

IAPS Moroccan VPNIAPS is  good option because they have a good reputation when it comes to privacy and security. There are discounts for signing up for a longer period of time, and have tons of other options.

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Hide My AssHideMyAss Morocco

Just this June (2012), HMA added servers in Morocco. In fact, it’s so new, that the flag symbol is still incorrect, so you’ll see a US flag next to the Moroccan servers. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon, as this has happened before. Either way, HMA is going to be a better choice for a couple reasons.

It’s cheaper, and you’ll get access to ALL 45 other countries along with access to the Moroccan IP addresses.  IAPS is not a bad choice, but you do have to choose only ONE location.

If you’re concerned about privacy however, HMA doesn’t have a great rep among the VPN community because they helped arrest some hackers in recent years.  Some say it was necessary to maintain their service integrity, some say it was a blow to ‘VPN Privacy’. This is for you do decide.

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The most annoying thing for a Moroccan expatriate is that he is not able to access any regional Moroccan websites from his adopted home. He will have to get a Moroccan IP address if he wants to access these websites as they are accessible only for Moroccan residents.

moroccan ip addressNot only this, many of the local banks in Morocco do not provide online access to people having a foreign IP address. This means that an account holder can only access the online services of the bank if he has a Moroccan IP address.

So, if you want online access to your account in a Moroccan bank from outside Morocco you will have to change your foreign IP address to a Moroccan IP address.

Changing the IP address is a task that can be accomplished easily by the use of a VPN. It is an internet utility that allows a person to connect to the internet through a server present in the country of the user’s choice.

By using a VPN having a server present in Morocco a user can acquire a Moroccan IP address and can access any regional Moroccan website or access his Moroccan bank account online even if he is not currently present in Morocco. Thus, get a Moroccan IP address from a Moroccan VPN and start accessing all the Moroccan regional websites of your choice.  Surprisingly, there are a couple choices to get your Moroccan IP.