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Get a Moldovan IP address

Get a Moldovan IP address

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Moldova is considered a pretty rare location for VPN server locations because there just isn’t that high of a demand for IP addresses from this region. However, as a matter of convenience, some services expand their networks to every corner of the world. HMA is one of them.

You won’t need to look elsewhere, because Moldovan IP addresses are virtually unavailable anywhere else.  With HMA, you also get access to their 45 other VPN country locations.

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Accessing local Moldovan websites from outside Moldova can be very difficult because many of the regional websites in Moldova only allow users within the country access to them. If a person is not currently in Moldova then he can’t gain access to these sites.

MoldovaHowever, if a person living outside Moldova is to get a Moldovan IP address then he can access these local Moldovan websites. He will of course be recognized by the websites as a Moldovan resident.

The IP address of a person defines his location on the internet. This is why having a Moldovan IP address would make a person a Moldovan resident on the internet even if he is not actually living there.


Now, for getting a Moldovan IP address despite being residing in a different country, a person will have to use a VPN. It is a kind of software that enables a person to hide his original IP address and to adopt a new IP address out of a list of IP addresses provided by the VPN service provider. By selecting the IP address belonging to Moldova from the list provided by the VPN service provider a person can adopt a Moldovan IP address with ease.

VPNWith the Moldovan IP address acquired from the VPN a person could access all the local or regional Moldovan websites that are reserved only for the residents of Moldova ie local chat programs and online gaming websites.  I’m not Moldovan so I don’t know – but since you’re looking for an IP from there, you probably have a good idea of what you want to access.


Even if you’re a bit skeptical, let me tell you that VPNs work to get past the firewalls of Netflix, Hulu, and even The Great Firewall of China.  Firewalls in Moldova aren’t going to be a problem.

In addition to being useful for accessing restricted country specific websites, a VPN is also a useful privacy protection tool. The use of numerous internet safety protocols and encryption of data (SSL, SSH, IPSec) makes the VPN a very formidable internet utility that can keep a person safe on the web. 128-bit encryption is an industry standard, but you can get 256-bit with some services.

By giving a user a new identity on the internet the VPN ensures that no one is able to track down the original identity or location of the user, nor are they able to eavesdrop on your online activity.