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Get a Malaysian IP address

Get a Malaysian IP address

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Malaysia IP VPN

Hide My Ass

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I’ll bet that HMA is going to be your best choice here. Unlimited switching between 46 countries, a money back guarantee, and you can even choose VPN servers based on their speed, guaranteeing that you always get fast connections.

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SwitchVPN Malaysia IPSwitchVPN

Though HMA is pretty badass, SwitchVPN is a bit cheaper, and especially for those looking to pay month by month rather than for a whole year in one go, SwtichVPN is much more cost effective.

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Another great choice, PureVPN offers a unique set of VPN packages that rank high on many VPN users’ reviews.  Dedicated servers, discount and lite options, business VPNs, and live support. PureVPN has 18 country locations, including Malaysia

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Yet another option, IPVanish has a rock solid privacy policy, and you pay $10 for unlimited access to all VPN servers, all VPN protocols, all countries, and all the bandwidth you need.  It’s easy to set up and gaining in popularity among the VPN community. They’ve got servers in Malaysia and 17 other countries (and growing!)

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An IP address is your identity over the internet. Therefore, for instance, if you get a Malaysian IP address then you will be recognized as a Malaysian by every website you visit.

Similarly, if you use the IP address of a different country then you will be recognized as the citizen of that country by the websites you visit.

In order to get the IP address of a foreign country, all you require is a VPN or a proxy server. Both the VPN and the proxy server can mask or hide your present IP address and can assign you a foreign IP address of the country of your liking.


You will find hiding or masking your own IP address and getting access to a foreign IP address very useful. By hiding your own IP address, you can have anonymity over the internet and nobody will be able to track.

Some websites are native to Malaysia. These websites only allow access to people having a Malaysian IP address and by using a VPN-assigned Malaysian IP address, you would also be able to access these Malaysia specific gaming and regional TV websites while sitting in Indonesia or any other country.

You would be able to join gaming networks which only allow Malaysian gamers to play by using a VPN-assigned Malaysian IP address which is another advantage of getting a Malaysian IP address.

Malaysia VPNMoreover, not only will you be able to enjoy access to Malaysian IP only gaming networks and entertainment websites, you will also be able to buy from Malaysian-IP only shopping websites for your friends living in Malaysia from outside the Asian country.


In addition to this, the VPN will also provide you great security while you surf the internet and you won’t have to worry about any hackers hacking into your personal data. To sum it up, all you need to do is to find a VPN which will help you get a Malaysian IP address so that you can enjoy the freedom of accessing Malaysia specific websites from outside the country!