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Get a Latvian IP address

Get a Latvian IP address

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Latvians who are living abroad will always have difficulty in accessing the local websites of Latvia because such websites are restricted to be viewed within Latvia only.

In order to access these Latvian-IP only websites a person has to have a Latvian IP address or the servers of these websites are going to block off his every attempt to access the site.

LatviaSo, for having access to local Latvian websites outside Latvia you are going to have to get a Latvian IP address. Now, a proxy and a VPN are two methods to help you get a Latvian IP address with ease.

The use of a proxy is a simple method of acquiring an IP address of a different country. A proxy is a website that has servers placed in many countries all over the globe.

When you access a proxy website it connects you to one of its servers present in a different country than yours, masking your original IP address in the process.

However, despite being simpler to use and cheaper to buy the proxies are not the safest option to choose for accessing restricted websites of a country because of the lack of security measures they employ.

Latvian VPNOn the other hand the use of a VPN is a much safer method to get an IP address of a different country.


VPNs too hide the original IP address of a user and provide him an IP address of one of its servers present in the region chosen by him but they do so while employing several security protocols and using data encryption (SSL/IPSec/SSH) so that the security of the user on the internet is not compromised at any moment.

VPNs have to be installed and configured on a system before they can be used to access restricted websites of a country.  So, by using a Latvian VPN a person can acquire a Latvian IP address and can gain access to all the regional Latvian websites that are accessible only for people living in Latvia.


Besides this, a person can use the same VPN to access the restricted regional websites of other countries like Netflix of America and BBC iPlayer of Britain by acquiring a US or UK IP address from the VPN. Thus, if you want to unblock Latvian websites that are not accessible to you from outside Latvia then what you need is to find a VPN service having a server in Latvia and get a Latvian IP address as soon as possible.