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When it comes to getting an IP address from another country, the USA is generally promoted as being one of the best options. However, in some cases you might be better off choosing an IP address from another part of the world. Accessing some online games from the United States or specific online servers can be very difficult unless you get a Korean IP address in the USA.

Korean GamingKorean IP addresses have a bad reputation due to the censorship that is in place. This censorship can make it difficult to access some websites. However, Korea is also known for online games, and it has a significant population of gamers. Because of this, there are many online games that are only available if you live in Korea. This might make it desirable to make use of a Korean IP address in order to access these games.

Online games make use of the same forms of regional restrictions that websites use. What this means is that the website or server uses your IP address to determine your location. If your location isn’t the one that is desired, then you will not be able to access the game.

To get around this, a VPN gives you the ability to convince the server or website that you are in Korea, even though you are physically in the USA. It does this by being an intermediate agent and routing all internet traffic through itself. Because all information that the website receives comes from the VPN rather than you, it perceives the VPN’s IP address as being your own.

Mask IPThus, the VPN provides a way to mask your signal and change your online appearance. So, what does this actually mean? Well I have already suggested one benefit, that you can use a Korean IP address to access online games that are regionally restricted to Korea, but another reason is game servers.

Many online games have multiple different servers throughout the world. For most games your IP address is used to work out what servers you can have access to.  This can be frustrated if you aren’t particularly fond of the USA servers, or if you have a friend on a Korean server that you want to game with.

If you use a VPN to get a Korean IP address in the USA you will be able to access Korean game servers which you were not able to before.


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