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It is often recommended that people who live where there is high censorship, like in Korea, change their IP address to being from the UK, so that they can get around the censorship network. Because of this, it might seem unusual that I recommend you get a Korean IP address in the UK, yet there are significant advantages to doing so.

GamerToday’s generation is a generation of gamers. As the internet has become more prevalent throughout the world, massively populated online games have developed into a massive industry, with players across the globe. However, for players in areas like the UK, one of the problems is that many games were developed for people in the Eastern world, such as Korea, and are never released to the West.

Even if you don’t speak Korean, it may be highly desirable to be able to play these types of games, especially as most are playable and enjoyable even if you don’t fully understand all of what is going on. This isn’t quite as simple as it sounds, because most games of this sort have a geographical restriction.

This means that the game actively checks what region you are in before letting you log on to the servers. It doesn’t make a difference where in the world you say you are from, the game is able to work it out due to your IP address. This is why I suggest that you get a Korean IP address, because this will prevent game servers being able to work out your true location.

Private Network AccessSo how do you go about it? There are many different VPN services online, and they give you the ability to connect to an online VPN server that is located in the country that you are interested in. Because the server is physically in that country, it has an IP address from there, and this is how it is effective. The IP address of the server is able to hide your IP address, and this makes it seem as if you are physically wherever the server happens to be.

Game servers are another reason why you might try to get a Korean IP address in the UK. What game server you are playing on has a substantial influence on your gameplay experience. However, like the games themselves, many servers are location specific. If you are using a VPN for Korea, then you can make use of your Korean IP address to ensure that you can access servers from Korea for whatever online game you play.


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