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Get a Kenyan IP address

Get a Kenyan IP address

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kenyan ip addressGovernment websites of most countries are restricted only to be accessed by the residents of that country only. The same is true for Kenya where many of the Government websites are accessible only for the people that are living in Kenya and possess a Kenyan IP address.

If a Kenyan expatriate wants to access a Kenyan Government website he will first have to get a Kenyan IP address.

Now, there are two ways of getting a Kenyan IP address; one is through the use of a proxy and the other is through the use of a VPN and since VPNs are a lot safe to use than proxies therefore the use of VPN is recommended by experts.

A VPN has the capability to keep the original IP address of a person hidden on the internet by connecting him to server present in a different country having a different IP address. Since the user access the internet through this server therefore, the IP address of the server becomes the IP address of the user.

So, if a person is to get a Kenyan IP address all he needs is a VPN server present in Kenya which can provide him a Kenyan IP address.


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