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Get a Japanese IP address

Get a Japanese IP address

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Hide My Ass

Hidemyass IP AddressJapanese Anime is Awesome, and accessing the real stuff from Japan can be done with a VPN IP address. Ok, so that’s what I use it for, but there are lots of other genres of streaming movies from Japan that are also available, if you know what I mean. Plus games. Did I mention games?

HMA has several servers in Japan, and finding the fastest, most reliable server is easy when you can test ping times and other specs directly from their ProVPN software.

Seriously, the internet in Japan is unlike any other, and HMA’s Japanese VPN servers are reliable. Plus, you get access to other regions in Asia, Europe, and The Americas.  Full access and free switching.

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12VPN IP AddressTheir US IP only plan is just $79 USD per year, but to get a Japanese IP address you’ll need the World VPN plan for $119. Still, that’s not that bad at about $10 per month.

Most VPN services cater towards Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac, while 12VPN has a wider range of support.  They also offer encryption upgrades and other custom options.  Check out their ‘features’ section for details.

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Update 2013


00 ipvanish1


This is a fast growing website with tons of servers across numerous countries. They’ve recently added servers in Japan.

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VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN recently added a few server locations, Japan being one of them. VyprVPN is a very unique VPN service in that they run, own, and maintain all of their servers. In fact, they even write their own VPN software.

Everything is in-house, and privacy protected with professional grade software. This is HUGE for privacy advocates, and the level of professionalism is important for someone looking to protect more than just gaming IPs.

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mrvpn logo

Japanese gaming sites are very popular in the world because they provide excellent gaming experience to the people. However, some of these gaming sites can only be accessed from Japan.

A person living outside Japan is not able to enter these sites because his IP address is not Japanese.

Japanese IP addressIf the gaming sites in Japan are to be accessed a person would have to get a Japanese IP address.

Now, to get an IP address of a different country a person would have to either make use of a proxy or a VPN because both these internet utilities have the ability to supply their users different IP addresses.


A proxy is a website that allows users to connect to a website of a foreign country through one of its servers present in that foreign country, thus assigning the user the IP address of its server. However, proxies are not safe to use because they do not employ safety protocols and even do not use data encryption. This can lead to compromising the security of a person’s private data on the internet.

Japanese VPNOn the other hand a VPN not only supplies a person with an IP address of a different country, it does so while providing complete security to the user as well through the use of various internet safety protocols and excessive data encryption.


Thus, the use of a VPN can get a person a Japanese IP address with ease which he can use to access the restricted online gaming websites of Japan even while living in a different country.In addition to this the local chat programs that are restricted to be accessed only within Japan can also be unblocked by the use of a Japanese VPN.

Moreover, streaming of Japanese baseball games which is impossible without a Japanese IP address can also be made possible by using a VPN for Japan.


Another advantage of acquiring a Japanese IP address by using a VPN is that it would accelerate the downloading, uploading, and streaming speeds of Japanese websites. A person would not have to wait long hours for downloading something from a Japanese site as his newly acquired Japanese IP address will quicken the downloading pace.

Similarly, the uploading time will also be cut in half by the use of the Japanese IP address.

If you want to enjoy the Japanese-IP only sites, signing up for a VPN service with servers in Japan is how you can get started.