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For many people, getting an alternate IP address is desirable because it provides you with a very good way to get past any censorship that is occurring. However, this is only one reason why it might be desirable to get an IP address from outside the country, such as to get a Japanese IP address in Samoa. Security is also a very important factor and this is something that you can significantly improve by changing your IP address.

IP LocationYour IP address is important whenever you are online. It is essential for being on the internet, and you can’t be online without one. However, your IP address also has disadvantages. In particular, your IP address provides an indication of where you are in the world. This might be a good thing, but it can also be bad.

The problem with your IP address showing your location is that it restricts what you can access. For example, many countries have content that is regionally restricted. So, you can only view the content if you are in the region. Streaming television is a big example of this and another example is online games. Many online games restrict what servers you can access due to your location.

Another aspect is that your IP address provides a way for your online activities to be linked to who you are. In some parts of the world there are even laws that make you liable for what happens on your IP address, even though it is very possible for someone to be using your IP address without your knowledge.

This demonstrates the importance of breaking the link between who you are online and who you are in person. This increases your security online, and it prevents people from tracking your activities online.

VPN Encryption SecurityYou can use a VPN to get a Japanese IP address in Samoa. This will give you faster access to content that is hosted in or around Japan, as well as to Japanese game servers. Another benefit comes from the VPN itself. When you connect to a VPN, you are provided with an increased amount of security.

This happens because the VPN has several specific aspects that enhance security. In fact, some organizations make use of a VPN for the security benefits that it offers and nothing else. A VPN increases your security because it makes use of a form of tunneling as well as data encryption. Both of these aspects ensure that it is difficult for anyone to intercept your information.


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