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Get a Hong Kong IP address

Get a Hong Kong IP address

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Finding an IP address from a specific country can be one of the more challenging aspects of choosing a VPN service.  Any decent service is going to support multiple devices, give you unlimited bandwidth, allow server switching, encrypt your data, and all that good stuff.

But not all VPN services have the same number of servers, or a variety of server locations.  Some VPN services offer over 40 different country locations (you’ll see below), while some offer only 4.

Lucky for you I’ve done the research for you, and not only found out which VPN services are the best, but which ones are the best for people looking for a Hong Kong IP address. You probably won’t find many services offering VPN servers in Hong Kong – HMA and VyprVPN are the only ones I can think of.


Hong Kong IP from hide my assHide My Ass

Hide My Ass not only has a great VPN software, that easy to use and has lots of advanced customization options, but they also offer unlimited access to one of the largest VPN server networks in the world. Currently at 300+ servers in 53 countries, they grow every year.

Though I’ve criticized customer service in the past, there have been recent improvements to the speed and accuracy to which they respond to customer support tickets.

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>>>>> Go to the official Hide My Ass website


VyprVPN ReviewVyprVPN

This service frequently adds servers and other privacy related features like free cloud storage. I keep all updates and new specs on the official review which you can view below. This is a very fast and private service. In fact, they own all their own VPN servers, which is very unique in the VPN service industry (most outsource their servers).

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>>>>> Go to the official website of VyprVPN



00 ipvanish1Just added in the last couple months of 2012, IPVanish now offers VPN server locations in Hong Kong. HK is a popular place because, well, Asia doesn’t have a lot of restrictions on their internet space with regards to P2P or other file sharing sites.

You also get access to some Asian gaming networks, and streaming TV & movies from HK are often free. Internet censorship is another story, but if you’re outside HK accessing their IPs, then what the Chinese government can or can’t see really doesn’t concern you, now does it?

Anyway, IPVanish is a great service, with different VPN plans that are unique from the above services. Their service is quite similar to HMA as far as pricing is concerned, but perhaps with better customer support and more of an emphasis on privacy.

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>>>>> Go to the official IPVanish website



mrvpn logo


An IP address is your identity over the internet. When surfing the internet, every website recognizes your country by identifying your IP address.

This means that if you live in Hong Kong, your local internet provider will provide you a Hong Kong IP address while if you move out to China then the IP address you will be provided would be Chinese.

Get a Hong Kong IP AddressIn order to have the IP address of a foreign country your may have to use a VPN to change your IP. For instance, with a VPN, you will be able to get a Hong Kong IP address while living anywhere in the world from Mainland China to the US.


A VPN simply masks or hides your regional IP address and assigns you the IP address of a country of your liking. This way, you can easily overcome internet censorship and access any website you want. A Hong Kong IP address is actually one of the most preferred IP addresses of a lot of VPN users.

People prefer a Hong Kong IP address over IP addresses of other countries as almost all websites can be accessed from a Hong Kong IP address.

Almost every website and all VoIPs can be accessed with a Hong Kong IP address as there are no restrictions on the IP addresses of Hong Kong. So, if you want to access websites which are blocked in your country, a VPN which can assign you a Hong Kong IP address would do you a world of good.

VPN Hong KongMoreover, a Hong IP can be pretty useful for the Chinese people. If you live in China then you would already know that the most popular websites Google, Facebook, YouTube etc are banned in China and a Chinese IP address can’t access these websites.

Hong Kong is pretty close to China and since the closer the VPN server to your present country the faster will be the speed of your internet. A Hong Kong IP address would be far better for you to access blocked websites in China than a US IP address for instance as the Hong Kong server would be closer than the US server.


Not to mention local HK sites will be in Chinese instead of English. And moreover, you will also be able to access the famous Hong Kong specific shopping websites from outside the Hong Kong with a VPN-assigned Hong Kong IP address.

This is not it; the VPN will also make your internet experience a lot more secure with its heavy data encryption. So, if you are looking to overcome internet censorship and want to access the Hong Kong specific websites and networks then don’t hesitate and get a Hong Kong IP address.