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People are interested in getting IP addresses from other parts of the world for a range of reasons. For some people it is the need to bypass internet censorship, while for others it is an interest in accessing content that has local restrictions. Finland doesn’t have much censorship to worry about. However, another reason people in Finland might be interested in changing their IP address, such as choosing to get a Greek IP address in Finland, is internet security.

Advertising TrackingWhen you are online you are anonymous, but not completely. While people don’t know who you are while you are using the internet, your IP address does provide some tie to your identity. Ironically, your IP address may be a problem for two different reasons.

Firstly, because your IP address is linked to you, it can be used to work out your online activity. Some companies that focus on online marketing do this currently, and they use this information to create targeted advertising. Theoretically you can opt-out, but the process is difficult, and requires you to continually stay up to date with it.

The second aspect is the fact that if you use WiFi hotspots or have a changing IP address, you might have problems accessing your account on some websites. Banking sites are a great example of this.

Many websites that offer online banking have security measures in place that will not let you visit your account from too many IP addresses within a limited space of time.  This can be a significant problem if you use WiFi hotspots a lot or if you are travelling, because it can mean that you are locked out of your account without any way to regain access.

Get an IP from European CountriesChanging your IP address can be done by using a VPN. What happens is that when you are on the VPN, you connect to a VPN server somewhere else in the world. For this discussion, I’m recommending that you get a Greek IP address in Finland, and this would mean getting access a Greek VPN server. You could of course choose an entirely different location, depending on what you are looking for.

Greek is good because it doesn’t have significant censorship, and well, there are some Greek websites that will work faster with a Greek IP. Remember that server proximity will affect internet speeds, so if you’re frequently using websites with their data hosted in Greece, then you could get faster connections by using a Greek VPN.

Your IP address becomes the same as the server that you are connected to, which means that it remains the same as long as you are using the same server. As such, this gets around both of the issues that I discussed earlier.


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