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When you are online, you are one of billions of people surfing the internet, yet there are significant differences between people online. One of these is your physical location, which has a surprisingly strong impact on what you can do when you are online. Although living in the USA gives you the ability to watch streaming television such as through Netflix, if you want to watch streaming German television, you need to get a German IP address in the USA.

Change IP AddressThere are many people currently living in the USA who were originally from Germany, or who have family members or friends still living in the country. Many of the websites that Germans are used to using are designed only to be viewed from within Germany, which makes things difficult for people living outside of the country.

The good thing is that it is possible to change the way that your location appears online, and in doing so, alter what content you are able to access from websites. Your location is tied into your IP address, which you get from your internet service provider.

It isn’t as simple as walking up to the provider and asking them to change your IP address, because they only have the ability to change it to another one within the USA, which wouldn’t help to resolve the problem. Instead you need to make use of a service known as VPN. There are currently many VPN providers online, although you’ll need to make sure you choose the right one.

VPNs are often used as networks for businesses, because they provide a high level of privacy and security, making it difficult for anyone to steal information being transferred across the network. However, they have another advantage too. This is connected to the way that they work.

GlobeA VPN makes use of a VPN server. This server acts as a middleman, transferring data between you and the websites you are visiting, and back again. In doing this, the websites end up seeing the information from the VPN rather than yours.

This is how you can get a German IP address in the USA, because websites now see the VPN servers IP address as being yours. So, if the VPN server is in Germany, it suddenly seems like that is where you are too. This is an effective way to avoid geographical restrictions, and it will let you use websites that stream sports or television within Germany at your leisure.


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