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Wherever you are in the UK, using the internet can be risk, especially if you are using wireless networks or unprotected connections. You may be unaware of the risk, or think that it is no big deal, but it is a significant risk and one that you should make efforts to avoid. The best solution to secure yourself when you are online is to use a VPN to get an IP address from another country, such as to get a German IP address in the UK.

german streaming sportsSo, why would you want a German IP address? It mightn’t seem that appealing at first, but here are a few reasons. Firstly, a German IP address will let you access websites and content that have regional restrictions on them from Germany. Streaming sports programing or television are both really good examples of this, and there are also sites like banking and chat programs that sometimes have regional restrictions.

Secondly, having an IP address from another country changes how much information a person can find out about you. Your IP address actually gives away a fair amount of information about you online, including not only your location, but often the operating system of your computer, or the type of phone you are using. It can also be used to track what you are doing online.

Thirdly, the VPN itself offers you considerable benefits in terms of security. When you are online using normal methods of browsing, you are vulnerable to hackers. This is especially true if you are travelling a lot and have to use WiFi networks. While these are fantastic ways to browse the internet from wherever you are, they are inherently unsecure, and can put you at considerable risk.

Safe BrowsingThe VPN has several security features that are inbuilt, and create a safe browsing environment for the user. The first of these is tunneling protocols, which mean that external forces cannot see the internet traffic that is occurring. This also means that the traffic is actually hidden from your own internet provider and from any websites that are attempting to track you. As well as this, VPNs use encryption protocols to ensure that information is kept safe.

When you use a VPN to get a German IP address in the UK, you effectively become German online. This means that many websites that you visit are in German, which is a fantastic way of becoming familiar with the language.


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