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Get a Georgian IP address (Country)

Get a Georgian IP address (Country)

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GeorgiaWhy would anyone want to get a Georgian IP address? Someone who wants to connect to Georgian-Only websites would benefit from a Georgian VPN connection.

IP address is an important thing in the world of internet; it is like our postal address, as is apparent from the name. All the sites identify users by their IP address. Moreover IP addresses are distributed on the basis of countries. This makes it possible for certain sites to block people accessing them from certain countries.

Connecting to a Virtual Private Network or VPN is a technique that makes it possible for users to change their IP addresses. VPN actually is a service that provides security as well as anonymity to a user over the internet.

This is because the VPN connects the user from a server that may be placed anywhere in the world, and the connection from the user to the server is encrypted. The server acts as a gateway for the user to the internet and it appears that the site is being accessed from the server. Thus, using VPN a user outside Georgia can get a Georgian IP address, and could easily access any site that provides access only from inside Georgia.


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