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South Korea is one of the most well-known examples of censorship, where online posts are either blocked or removed because they criticize the government, or post content that is not desirable. However, this censorship is far from absolute, and even the ability of the government to remove posts is limited. Getting around it is as simple as using a VPN to get a French IP address in South Korea.

Virtual Location on the NetThe first aspect of this is the way in which the South Korean government blocks websites in an attempt to prevent the public from viewing them. There are many examples of this within South Korea, and exactly what is blocked changes from month to month and year to year. Internet censorship is achieved through vigilant censors, so it is hard for a dissident site to remain unblocked for long.

The censorship works because it recognizes that you are in South Korea. Because of your location you are subject to the censorship requirements of South Korea. The solution is elegantly simple, just change where you live.

Of course, literally changing where you live would be an expensive way of doing this, and for most people it would hardly be practical. However, this isn’t what I mean. I’m suggesting you change your virtual location, which will make it appear as if you are living somewhere else. By doing this you alter the way that sites and internet service providers behave towards you.

I’m suggesting that you choose a French virtual location because the country has a low level of censorship and there are not any substantial issues of privacy. In reality, getting a VPN for France is only one of many options. If you are trying to get around censorship, then as long as the country doesn’t have censorship of its own, you are good.

There is also another reason for deciding to get a French IP address in South Korea. Censorship is South Korea is also achieved by deleting websites that are hosted within South Korea that it does not approve of. You can’t use a VPN to view sites that have been deleted, but it does serve another purpose.


As I discussed before, when you are connected to a VPN server, you seem like you are in a different country. This means that any posts you make also identify you as being from that location. The benefit of this is that the South Korean government has much less authority over what is posted from another country than it does from things posted within South Korea.


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