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Get a Dutch IP address (Netherlands IP)

Get a Dutch IP address (Netherlands IP)

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Unfortunately, many VPN review sites out there don’t check their facts, and the truth is that not all VPN services offer Dutch IP addresses. I’ve done the leg-work, and checked my facts. These VPN services listed below actually have servers in the Netherlands, though plans and prices to access the servers differ. Check ’em out, or head over to our Top 10 to compare all VPN services featured on the site.


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Update 2012: IPVanish has servers in the Netherlands. See the Change IP Online™ IPVanish Review


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Tourists and travelers who love to see the world often find it difficult to log onto their online bank accounts when they are on their travels.

The reason for this is that most of the local banks only provide online banking facilities within the boundaries of the country and not outside it.

Dutch IP AddressNetherlands is a perfect example of this where many of the local banks only allow a person to access his online bank account if he has a Dutch IP address. But banks are not the end of the story – online accounts with other websites, including gaming communities have similar restrictions.

TV streaming? Yep, those tool  So, a Dutch citizen traveling abroad must get a Dutch IP address if he wants to access his online bank account from outside the Netherlands.


There are two possible ways of getting a Dutch IP address. The first one is by using a proxy website and the second one is by using a virtual private network.

The use of any of these two methods can aid a person in masking or hiding his original IP address and in its place using a different IP address. Proxy websites are somewhat less secure to use than the VPNs because they do not use safety protocols (VPN tunneling) and data encryption (128-bit SSL or IPSec) as is done by VPNs.

Holland VPNMoreover, the proxies more often that not do not allow a person to choose the country’s IP address he wants to use instead of his original IP address while the VPNs provide the user the freedom to choose the IP address of a location of his choice.


The use of a VPN will allow a person to connect to a server located in Netherlands.  The IP address of this server will become the virtual IP address of the VPN user enabling him to surf the internet as a Dutch resident even though he is not actually present in Netherlands.

So, when a person will access his online bank account using this virtual IP address the bank’s website will treat him as a Dutch resident and will allow him to access all the online banking facilities just like he would have done if he was present in Netherlands.

With a Dutch VPN a person could watch local TV programs online or can stream movies without encountering any problems. Torrents are also popular with Netherlands IP addresses.