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Many people do not consider that the way they browse the internet may be different than it is elsewhere in the world. The difference between what you can view in China and in Ireland is an example of this. While the prevalent internet censorship in China is normally considered to be a bad thing, it can also be education. For this reason, and a few others, I recommend that you get a Chinese IP address in Ireland.

Change IP to AnywhereI’m not saying that you should permanently use a Chinese IP address when you are online. This would be a very frustrating way of using the internet, as most of the sites that you might want to go to are blocked. However, on a temporary basis, it is worth taking a look and see just how different the internet is for people from China compared to Ireland.

A VPN allows you to alter the way that your IP address is perceived by websites that you go to. In effect it gives you the ability to completely change your IP address to one that is from a different country. One of the best things about this is that you do not have to stick to a single IP address location, instead you can change it.

To use a VPN you connect to a specific VPN server. You choose where the server is located, and for this discussion you would choose China. However, VPN providers offer many different server locations for you to choose from, so the service gives you a lot of choice.

VPN EncryptionWhen you connect to the VPN the way that you use the internet changes. Previously, information was sent directly from you to the website that you were visiting and back again. The VPN adds an extra link to this interaction. Now, information that you send or receive must go through the VPN server first.

This has several advantages. Firstly, it increases your security because the VPN sends data through tunnels and also encrypts it. Secondly, it means that websites are not able to see your IP address because they see the one from the VPN first.

Consequently, when you use a VPN to get a Chinese IP address in Ireland, websites are not able to tell what you are doing. This means that you are able to visit Chinese websites that  are meant to be restricted to people who are physically in China.


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