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China is well known for having prevalent internet censorship and in fact it is often referred to as the worst in the world. So it might seem a little strange to recommend that you get a Chinese IP address in Greece. However, there are specific reasons why this is a good idea and it can over you some surprisingly useful benefits.

YouKu LogoChina’s internet censorship is prevalent for many aspects, but the one thing that is important to consider is that China has a very large population that is provided with very different information than the rest of the world. It is difficult to learn about China without understanding the information that is available to them and that is restricted.

The Chinese government ensures that you cannot normally some visit Chinese websites if you are not actually in China at the time. However, like many places that use regional restriction, this is only based on where the sites think you are, rather than where you actually happen to be.

As such, the solution to accessing Chinese websites lies in convincing the websites that you are in China. Information about your location is always provided through your IP address. This is assigned by your internet service provider. Because of this, as long as you are within a given area, your IP address is natively also from the area.

Chinese internetThe way around this is to use a VPN server to mask your IP address. Strictly speaking you are not actually changing your IP address. Instead you are making it appear as if your address is different than it is.

What the VPN does is that it connects you to a server within China (or elsewhere in the world if you desire). While you are connected to the VPN, it sends out its own IP address information. Because the server is in China, its IP address is from China also. What this means is that websites see the VPN’s IP address and believe it is yours.

As a result, you have managed to get a Chinese IP address in Greece. With this IP address, you are able to access any website that a person within China would be able to access. This also gives you a much clearer idea of what a person from China can and cannot see. This can be beneficial from a business perspective, as it gives you the ability to create websites that you know people in China will be able to see, and to quickly respond if any site you create becomes blocked in China.


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