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China’s internet censorship is notorious and is often referred to as the Great Firewall, in reference to the Great Wall of China. Accessing the internet through the firewall can be very frustrating, but despite this, there are some reasons why a person might be interested in trying to get a Chinese IP address in Germany.

Chinese in GermanyThroughout the world, including in Germany, there are many people who have left China in search of a new home, or who have friends or family in China. For these people, it can be difficult and frustrating to get news from back home, as so many websites are blocked from the outside world.  Youku is almost impossible to stream from outside of China!

Another perspective is the academic one. There is a lot to be learned from the way that people within China see the rest of the world, because they are shown a lot of propaganda that supports the Chinese leadership, and is critical of the rest of the world.

Finally, you might be interested in steaming online television or accessing specific websites that cannot be done if you are outside of China. There is a significant amount of free movies and downloads that you can get from Chinese websites that are simply not accessible elsewhere in the world.

When you are looking at getting a Chinese IP address you need to be aware of a few things. Firstly, there is a lot of censorship in China, and many of the sites that you are familiar with will be blocked. Facebook and YouTube are just two examples of these. If you are using a VPN to get a Chinese IP address then you will have the ability to switch back to a German IP address when you want to, or one from a different part of the world.

VPN ServiceThe best way to get a Chinese IP address in Germany is to use a VPN. A VPN provides you with very secure access that has a lot of privacy. In addition, it is easy to use and is generally not detectable by websites that you visit. This makes it perfect.

The VPN server becomes an intermediate between you and the rest of the internet. This means that all information is transferred through it before reaching its destination. This is beneficial if you are using a Chinese IP address because it helps you to make sure that your information remains secure and that it can’t be intercepted by anyone.


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