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Get a Chilean IP address

Get a Chilean IP address

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IAPS Security Store

IAPS Chilean VPNIAPS is a great VPN and proxy service that offers VPN servers in Chile.  There’s a lot happening on the site, so to find what you need, here’s what you do:

Go to PPTP/L2TP  (use Ctrl+F to find it).  Click the link, then use Ctrl+F again to find the country you’re looking for (there are more than 100).  Click the link for the country you want, then choose the time period you’re looking for.  You get progressive discounts for signing up for longer. IAPS has made some recent changes to the site – it’s becoming one of most reliable VPN and proxy websites around.

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Update Sept 2012


Hide My Ass

HMA Chile VPNHey, good news. HMA has added VPN servers in Chile, so now you can take advantage of the awesome plans that HMA offers.  For 1 price, you get access to 51 countries on 6 continents, about 270 VPN servers, and almost 32,000 IP addresses.

You can switch for free, use unlimited bandwidth, and use all PPTP, L2TP, & OpenVPN servers.  Plus, everything comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  No wonder it’s the most popular VPN service featured at Change IP Online™.

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Update July 2013:


HMA No Longer Offers Chilean IP Addresses


Chileans living abroad need to get a Chilean IP address if they want to access the local Chilean websites. The reason for this is the unavailability of Chilean websites with foreign IP addresses.

Thus, if a Chilean citizen tries to access a local Chilean website from Brazil he would not be able to access it as his Brazilian IP address would be blocked off by the website’s servers.

chilean IP addressNow in order to get access to Chilean websites from outside Chile a person must have to find a way to change his current IP address to a Chilean IP address.

A VPN is an internet utility that can offer a person the chance to change his original IP address to a Chilean IP address. A VPN has several Servers present all over the world. By connecting with a VPN server in Chile a person can change his original IP address to a Chilean IP address.

Getting a Chilean IP address from a VPN also guarantees a person safety on the internet as the VPN is the safest means of surfing the internet. So, if you are a Chilean citizen who wants to unblock Chilean websites in a foreign country then look for a Chilean VPN that can get a Chilean IP address for you.