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Get a Canadian IP Address

Get a Canadian IP Address

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Recommended VPN Services


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HMA CanadaHide My Ass

As you’ll see below, Canadian IP addresses are available at many VPN services. So the hardest part of your decision is going to be how much you want to spend, and how long you wan to sign up for. HMA provides a good service that will satisfy the need of most users.

They offer unlimited bandwidth and server switching, and currently have servers in 46 different countries, so you’ll be able to access sites from those countries as well (see list below).  Though their customer service is sometimes selective about which emails they answer on time, it’s hard to pass up the great deal offered at HMA.

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PureVPN CanadaPureVPN

This service may offer fewer VPN server locations, but they do offer live support, which is convenient for any problems you may run into while installing or using your VPN.  Plus, they offer dedicated IPs which some users may be looking for. You should be aware that their standard package limits you to 30 GB, but they do offer unlimited bandwidth packages.

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12VPN Canada12VPN

This service is one of my all time favorites, but to tell you the truth, not many people choose it. It don’t know why.  They have fantastic customer service, and a very wide rage of device support.  Their site is a bit plain and they don’t offer monthly plans, which may be part of the reason.  Whatever the real reason, if I had to choose to recommend only one service, 12VPN would be it.

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SwitchVPN Canada


The cheapest service listed here, you can get a Canadian IP on PPTP VPN for just over $3 per month if you sign up for a year in advance. After that, their packages get more and more realistically priced.  I’d go with SwitchVPN if you have a budget and a long term commitment in mind.

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SStrongVPN CanadatrongVPN

StrongVPN will charge you more than others, but they also offer a step up in service and features.  Fast VPN servers, live support, and confidence in their product are some reasons you might want StrongVPN.  If you’re running a business or looking for a VPN for your company, then StrongVPN is a good choice because of the quality they offer.

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If you are a Canadian citizen who is planning to travel abroad then you must be looking to get a Canadian IP address. The reason for this is the inaccessibility of some Canadian websites from countries outside Canada. Among these websites the online gaming and sport streaming sites are the ones that are mostly inaccessible for people not living in Canada.

Get a Canadian IP AddressThe servers of these websites only allow the people who have a Canadian IP address to enter the website. This is why when a person living outside Canada tries to access these websites his non-Canadian IP address is recognized by the servers and he is blocked off by the servers of these websites.

In addition to the gaming websites many online forums and local chat programs also require a person to have a Canadian IP address to access them. Without having a Canadian IP even a Canadian citizen would not be able to access these websites.


In short, the necessity of a Canadian IP address is paramount for people who want to access Canadian websites from other countries in the world. The use of a VPN is a way through which a person can hide his original IP address and can obtain a Canadian IP address.

VPN CanadaA VPN is a type of software that makes use of security protocols and tunneling techniques to mask the original IP address of a user and even has the capability to supply the user a different IP address of a region of his choice. By using a Canadian VPN a person could obtain a Canadian IP address required for viewing many of the blocked Canadian websites.

You could even use the replaced Canadian IP address provided to you by the VPN to access TV and movie sites restricted to be viewed only within the Canadian territory.


The VPN is the ideal software to have if you want to keep all your conversations on the internet private. The high rate data encryption employed by a VPN makes it the safest method of surfing the internet. No one would be able to track you or extract any information about you if you use a VPN to surf the internet.

Canadian IPs are great for torrents. Not only are there laws that protect Canadian users that download torrents, but if you have a torrent approved VPN service, your downloads will be completely private and secure.


In addition to their safety features VPNs offer great reliability and speed to its users as well and can be configured easily on any computing platform. Keeping these advantages in mind it is safe to say that the use of a VPN to get a Canadian IP address is the best available option for anyone living outside their country.