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Get a Bulgarian IP address

Get a Bulgarian IP address

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Video: How to Use a VPN to Get an IP from Bulgaria



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IAPS Security Store

IAPS Bulgarian VPNIAPS is the only place where you’re going to find a VPN server in Bulgaria. You’ll know better than me about what kind of shows and websites are accessible with a Bulgarian IP address.

I travel, but not enough to know about EVERY single country’s internet habits!

To get access to Bulgarian VPN servers, navigate to the PPTP/L2TP section of the IAPS website after clicking on the link provided.  Search for “Bulgaria”, and you’ll be able to choose a plan based on how long you want to sign up for.

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Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass LogoHide My Ass VPN and Proxy Service has now updated their server network and added servers in Sophia, Bulgaria. Wow, these guys are growing rapidly, and they now have servers in 53 countries.

I prefer their service to IAPS, so you’ll definitely want to visit the HMA site to compare. And remember, along with access to Bulgarian VPN servers, you also get free access to all 300+ other servers in their network.

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Do you know that for getting access to Bulgarian online gaming websites outside Bulgaria, you will have to get a Bulgarian IP address?

The reason for this is that the online gaming websites of Bulgaria only allow the local residents of Bulgaria that possess a Bulgarian IP address to access their servers.

bulgarian ip addressThis is done to increase the overall efficiency of the system. However, this makes it impossible for Bulgarian citizens living abroad to play their favorite Bulgarian online games from the country they are living in at the moment.

The only way they can access the online gaming websites of Bulgaria is by getting a Bulgarian IP address through a VPN.

A VPN is the short form of a Virtual Private Network. It is an internet utility that can gain a person access to any restricted website of a country by providing you the IP address of that country. VPN has servers placed in many countries of the world.

By linking a user to one of its servers the VPN can get the user the IP address of the country in which the server is placed. Thus, by linking up with a Bulgarian VPN server a person can get a Bulgarian IP address and can enjoy all the Bulgarian online gaming websites from anywhere in the world.