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Get a Belgian IP Address

Get a Belgian IP Address

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VPN Services with VPN Servers in Belgium

HMA Belgian IP


#1 Choice: Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is my recommended service because they offer over 50 country locations, almost 300 VPN servers across the world, and a 30 day money back guarantee. Belgium is their newest addition, and they’re constantly growing.

In fact, in the last year or so they’ve added more than ten countries, so you can imagine that in a year or two you’ll have 60+ countries to access and possibly over 300 servers.  Whatever, maybe numbers aren’t important.

They have a very reasonable price considering you get access to PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN servers for all price options.

  • 11.52 – 1 month
  • 50.66 – 6 months (8.44 per month)
  • 78.66 – 12 months (6.55 per month)

The thing that seals the deal for most people is that you can use it for a whole month and get your money back at the end of the month if you’re unsatisfied.  Of course Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows are supported.

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>>> Hide My Ass official website



VyprVPN has moved up to one of my picks for Top VPN service for a number of reasons. Particularly for those that want to change their country-location online, Vypr has great apps that makes this very easy. There are apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

In fact, they used to be one of the most expensive VPN services out there, but have changed their pricing structure to be pretty much on the level with other services. In the meantime, they actually added MORE features like VyprDNS, Chameleon, and encrypted text messaging for smartphones, AT NO COST. They also include a three day free trial and 10+ GB of free data storage! It’s an insane deal and it’s my they’re ranked to highly.

Prices range from $6.67/month – $19.99 per month depending on which plan you sign up for.

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>>> VyprVPN Official Website


00 ipvanish1IPVanish

IPVanish is another great service that’s recently added Belgian servers. You can check out the full review here. They are one of the fastest growing VPN networks and always adding new servers.

Changing your IP is the theme of this site, and we’ve got a huge list of countries available. Oddly enough, I recently discovered that I haven’t listed any services that offer IP addresses in Belgium.

As expected though, there are some – three exactly.  Belgium isn’t exactly a hot location for VPN users, but there are some people that want a Belgian IP address, no doubt.

Of course, with a Belgian IP address you’ll be able to unlock Belgian streaming TV sties that are geo restricted, you’ll be able to access any business, membership, or finance accounts while overseas, and you’ll be able to browse the internet with Belgium’s unique set of internet laws.

Get a Belgian IP Address

Remember that for a smartphone, you can use PPTP for fast connections, if security is not a priority.  If privacy and security is the reason you’re connecting to a VPN, then L2TP/IPSec is the way to go for smartphone access.  For Mac, Linux, and Windows you can use PPTP or OpenVPN following the same rules.  SSTP (offered at IAPS Security Store) is supported by Vista and Win 7, and is a high security VPN.