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Finding The Best IP Changer Online For You

Finding The Best IP Changer Online For You

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IP Changer OnlineThere are two different types of services that act as an IP changer online.


Virtual Private Networks

The first is called a virtual private network, or VPN. VPNs are private networks that are often used by corporations, schools, government entities, and small businesses. They offer high security connections with encryption and tunneling protocols.

When connected to a VPN, all applications running on your computer or phone use the VPN’s private IP to connect to the internet. Data sent over your connection is protected on several levels. You are also assigned a virtual identity from the network, which allows you browse the web anonymously, and even bypasses firewall restrictions.



An alternative solution is a proxy. When using a proxy, your original IP is masked and data requests are bounced from the proxy server to keep your online identity private. You can also use this method of changing IP to surf the internet anonymously, or to unblock websites


Which one should I use?

There is a lot of internet jargon to sort through when discussing these types of technology, but the basic differences between these two IP changers is this;  In a nutshell, proxies are good for temporarily browsing the internet with an anonymous identity. VPNs are a long term solution to privacy and security for all internet activity.

Privately Browse Shared WIfiProxies don’t actually “change” your IP; They “mask” it.  This means that you won’t get past every filter, and some sites actually block IPs originating from proxy servers. It’s likely you won’t be able to stream video from Netflix, Hulu, or other similar media streaming sites with a proxy connection. The reliability, anonymity, and speed of your proxy connection will greatly depend on the brand of service you choose.

VPNs provide a more comprehensive, and long term solution.  VPN IPs can bypass most firewalls, are compatible with non-browser-based applications, and have more options with regards to customizing your private internet connection. However, VPNs do require installation and setup, and their monthly fees tend to be higher than proxy services.

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