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If you are worried about government (your own, or foreign) following your traffic then a change of IP online might be just what you’re looking  for. There aren’t many governments who will follow a stream of data outside their jurisdiction.

change ip onlineIf it hits a server that does not operate  in their country then they are liable for extradition and various other international litigation. Very rarely will a government go through it because very rarely is it worth the hassle.

If you are journalist, whistleblower, or netizen trying to get the truth out to the world, this is an advantageous position to be in.  It’s similar to the concept of being in international waters.

A virtual private network is a way for you to send data across international boundaries without letting snoopers in on too much information.

By changing your IP online and creating a maze of dynamic IP addresses, it makes you harder to chase and keeps you one step ahead of anyone who is trying to follow. VPNs are what members of Anonymous and Wikileaks use. They’re also what Facebook and YouTube fans in China need to access these sites without letting the CCP track their activity.

change ip online for securityIf you are trying to conduct business and  are from an area with a heavy degree of corruption a rival company may take measures to spy on your projects.

If you are worried about traveling through an area with vague internet laws (for example, any country on Reporters Without Borders “Enemies of the Internet” list) and you are trying to protect your privacy, then an IP address from your home country might be a good way to protect yourself with laws you’re more familiar with.

Furthermore, changing your online IP to an American, French, Canadian, Swiss, or a few other key locations can give you a more “trustworthy” presence in online communities. Very often on forums and social websites it’s possible to see members’ country or origin.  Being able to choose where you’re from gives you the choice of how you want others to perceive you or your business.

Streaming Media From Around The WorldAnd even in the safety of ‘developed’ nations, there are threats that can be avoided by changing your IP. Most wifi users don’t realize that ANY user you’re sharing an internet connection with can use free software to spy on your online activity.

The more tech savvy users can even intercept this data, crack your passwords, and even make logs of every single keystroke you make on the shared network.  They key here is that your IP address is how they find you.  With an encrypted, hidden IP, you’ve just made yourself invisible online.

With regards to entertainment, there are some networks that you can only access in certain countries.

The BBC is only available in the UK and select European countries.  Many other British websites are following suit because of distribution rights associated with the content on their sites.  Sky Go, Demand 5, Lovefilm, and ITV are a few examples.

If you are English and you want to access this content overseas then it is recommended that you gain a VPN to change your IP online. An IP from the UK will bypass international restrictions and get you access to British television and media from anywhere in the world. The same goes for Americans trying to access Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora, or Canadians and the CBC. Almost every country in the world will have similar rules regarding the distribution of TV, movies, music and other copyrighted content.

change ip online with vpnThe best thing about a VPN is that you can access every nation’s exclusive content from any place in the world. For the very first time the internet has to offer is available, with no restrictions. Even bandwidth limitations can be bypassed when you can change IP at will.

Changing your IP address with a VPN is the only way to make that possible. For all of these reasons it’s understandable why you would want to change your IP online.

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