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About Web Based Proxies and The Advantages of Using a Paid Proxy Server

About Web Based Proxies and The Advantages of Using a Paid Proxy Server

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A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your internet ready device and the internet. Instead of directly accessing the server of a website you want to view, requests are bounced from your computer to the proxy server, and then to your intended destination.

proxy server

To do this, proxies can access the information from the proxy’s cache to reduce the load on the remote server. They also can make a completely new request, where your information is actually stripped out and replaced by that of the proxy server. The latter is the most common way to surf the web anonymously.

anonymous surfing proxyProxies allow anonymity when browsing the internet, essentially masking your IP address. This means that your browsing activity is private, and censorship can be bypassed. Proxies are popular in countries with restrictions on media, such as access to YouTube or Google.

Workplaces, schools, and other privately owned networks often use firewalls to control the type of information available to users.

For example, they may block pornographic material, file sharing sites or sites that are well known for time wasting such as Facebook. At a glance, it may seem that these rules should not be broken. But they can be detrimental to accessibility of information in educational institutions, as well as overstep the boundaries of privacy within the workplace.

Whatever your assessment of the situation is, with a proxy you can bypass these firewalls.

While most proxies are web based, and require no software, there are some that do. However, if you’re thinking of using a software based solution, then virtual private networks can provide you with better security, and more reliable connections.


What are free proxies and open proxies?

“Free proxy” simply means that the proxy doesn’t cost anything to use. “Open proxies” are proxy servers with an IP addresses that is available for public use. Both can be very useful, but dangerous as well.

Proxies are easy to set up, and an attractive, anonymous IP address from a free proxy may be the siren’s song of spam.

Open proxies are well known to be homes to trolls, spammers, and identity thieves. Using an IP from one of these sources may mean that you’re using an online identity that was previously used for abusive or criminal activity.

Another danger to free proxy users is that there is no accountability with regards to your private information.

Do you really know what the motives of this particular server administrator are? Packet sniffing, privacy invasion, and identity theft is easy when you have full control over the server and all subsequent data.

This is why I say it’s ALWAYS better to use a paid proxy server.



securitales paid proxy server


SecuriTales is a web based, private company, that provides access to high quality anonymous proxy servers in The US, the UK, and Europe.  They use 256-bit encryption for all connections, and constantly update their network to account for blocked IPs or servers. They are even able to provide private connections for people in China and the Middle East.

SecuriTales provides all new uses with a free trial, plus a 30 day money back guarantee. And you might think that for a premium service like SecuriTales, you’d have to pay a premium price, but this is not the case.

For a list of price plans, a full review of their web based proxy service, and information on how to get a 25% discount in addition to your free trial, click here .

You can also go directly to their website at



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