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About Me

Me in Hong KongI started blogging about privacy software, virtual private networks, and online security stuff after I moved to China in 2009.  I soon found out after my move that a lot of my favorite sites were blocked, and I had to change my IP to unblock them.

I had been abroad for a while, and was pretty out of the loop, but eventually heard through the grapevine about sites like Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora – all of which were inaccessible from outside The USA.  The of course could be remedied with the use of a VPN.


As I continued traveling and researching for my blog, I found that this was not just a China problem, or just a US problem.  The internet was not as ‘free’ of a place as I had once imagined.  Needless to say there were more than just a few forum requests asking “How do I access [insert website] outside of [insert country]”, or “How do I get a fake [insert country] IP address?”.


I now have several blogs related to the subject of bypassing firewalls, unblocking sites, privacy online, and of course changing IP online.  I’m currently amidst turning my small blog network into real business, but this takes time.

True to my nature, I believe full disclosure is important, and I do not want to ‘convince’ anyone to purchase something they don’t need, or under false pretenses.  Though I do not actually own any of the products or services featured on my site, I do make commissions from the sales. That being said, I try to make sure that the information featured in all of my blogs is accurate, up to date, and written for the reader, not his/her wallet.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my site, and if you wish to contact me you can reach me here


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